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Hi Mama! CONGRATULATIONS on investing in YOU. The mere fact that you’re here at this resources guide tells me that you are wanting to turn your financial world around and what a better place to start your journey than right here right now! Welcome!

This page is your go-to guide for all the resources, tools and support you need to blow this stuff sky high!

Another great idea is to join our Riebesehl Family Law Offices Facebook Group. It’s just getting started but it’s a place to go to meet other like-minded people with family law needs who want to connect and talk about parenting, finances, making a home, dating/marriage after divorce, health, wealth, recipe ideas, frugal living, family, etc. The rules are NO bitching, whining, man-bashing, woman-bashing, or being mean. Come on let’s go and make some new friends!

Declutter And Sell Your Stuff

Get rid of clothes through ThredUp’s Online Consignment Shop.

Sell your old cell phones, DCs, and DVDs as well as other things at Declutter.

Sell your wedding dress to Nearly Newlywed. What else are you going to do with it!?

If it is an engagement ring or wedding ring you still have, go to Worthy.com to sell your jewelry.

Track Your Money And Work With a Budget

Personal Capital is a great resource you can use to track your net worth and your spending.

Tiller is another awesome app to track and budget for everyday and monthly expenses — for a low monthly fee.

House And Home Resources

Use New York Times’s excellent to see if you should rent or buy a home: Rent or Buy Calculator

Credit Score, Credit Repair, And Paying Off Debt

Check your credit score for free using CreditSesame.com or CreditWise from Capital One.

Self Lender’s credit builder loan is one of my favorite tools, as it forces you to build a savings account WHILE you repair credit. It is awesome, low cost, and you kill two birds with one stone (create a savings account while building your credit).

Saving And Checking Accounts

BBVA has had the best savings rate lately, and also has a great online checking account.

***Set financial (and related life) goals***

What you put out there comes back to you. Your prayers, hopes, gratitude. This is especially true of manifestations put out during tumultuous times when energy is being stirred up and tossed around.

Write down those goals and dreams. Sit with them. Feel how it will feel when they come to fruition. Picture what your life, your family, your heart and body will look like when that comes true.

(I found this bit of advice from Emma Johnson online)

Ellevest is one of the leading robo-advisors, which use machine learning to offer superior investing tools, for very low fees. Ellevest is unique in that it focuses specifically on female investors — and the unique investing, saving and career challenges that come with being a woman Bonus: Ellevest has a really cool and free goal setter on their beautiful website, founded by Wall Street legend Sally Krawcheck.

You can also invest in Worthy Bonds (5% interest rate!).

Use CollegeBacker to open a 529 college savings account for your child.

Buy Life Insurance

Haven Life. I don’t care how broke you are, single moms need life insurance. Chances are, your kids are financially dependent on you. For as low as $9 per month, you can get up to $1 million in coverage — plus sleep easier knowing you are taking care of your family. I endorse Haven Life, which is backed and wholly owned by MassMutual — a top-rated life insurer. They offer great online tools like a calculator and quote page, friendly support and highly competitive rates. Get a life insurance quote from Haven Life hereBetter Business Bureau A+ Rating.

Bestow promises you will never have a medical exam if you are a client. With plans as low as $5 per month, and smaller policies for 2 or 5 years (great if you are between jobs, recently divorced, or otherwise going through a big life change), Bestow is a unique life insurance program. But it is not all-new, as Bestow policies are issued by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, a carrier rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best that was founded in 1886. Get a quote from Bestow online now in a few minutes.

Build Your Career / Side Gig

If you’re building a side gig or crave a career you can do from home, or with a flexible schedule, my #1 favorite resource is FlexJobs online job search, a huge website started by a mom who wanted to help women find careers that make sense for their families and lives.

Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Everyone experiences stress and millions of people struggle with emotional and mental health challenges, including anxiety, depression, couples, and relationship hardship, parenting questions, sleep issues and career and money woes. Online therapy with BetterHelp can be a wonderful asset for single moms, as it is a fraction of the cost of traditional, in-person counseling, and that you work with a licensed therapist through text, email, voice or video, you save the time of travel, or the need to hire a babysitter.


Whether you are looking to meet new people after years of dating, or just dipping your toe in the romance waters, online dating has been my own BFF when dating. Affordable, easy, cast a wide net, and fun. Try Elite Singles for online dating.

Find A Babysitter

Every single mom needs two things: a roster of fantastic babysitters (perhaps from Care.com) that you can count on, and whom your kids love, so you can work, have a social and romantic life, and feel good about it since your kids are in great care. Care.com is a fantastic site that connects qualified, vetted, child care providers with moms who need those services! I cannot recommend this site enough. Thank me later. Better Business Bureau A- Rating. 

Find A Housekeeper

You also need a housecleaner, so check out Care.com. Professional women should not spend more than a few hours per week TOTAL (or less, ideally) on cleaning, laundry, and other housekeeping work. Care.com also has a deep roster of vetted housecleaners who will save your sanity – and possibly life. Better Business Bureau A- Rating. 

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