~“After trying to resolve my custody issues on my own for over a year with no outcome, I called Greg. He jumped right in, answered all my questions, and put my mind at ease. I regret not calling him sooner! Thanks, Greg!”


I received everything.  I cannot thank you enough for your help. This closes (hopefully) a chapter that has had me on pins and needles! I will take the outcome.

~Again THANK YOU very much for all you’ve done to help me. My next “project” (in the coming months, hopefully) is to reevaluate my child support situation with my older kids Mother. Her income has SUBSTANTIALLY changed for the better since the original order was signed years ago. I think that revisiting it now would make a drop in my total payment. That’s something to talk to you about at some point.

For now, I’m just going to relax for a little while to get into a routine with my little guy.

For the 3rd time…THANK YOU. Couldn’t have done it without you….we’ll talk to you soon!


~Hey Gregory, how’s it going? Thanks! Judge Klein finally signed it. I’m so happy and glad it’s finally over. Thanks again for everything! You have been a wonderful and awesome lawyer. Thank you so much. Give me some of your business cards and I will do my very best to refer people to you if they need a good lawyer. I Have a great one!

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