Arizona’s Laws

Arizona’s Laws

Family Law is a very changeable area of law.  The law changes every year with new decisions by the Courts and new statutes passed by the Legislature.  New laws can seriously affect your rights and your property.  Summaries of new Legislation or important Court cases are provided as well as links to the text of the new laws or cases. NEW DIVORCE LAWS

The law requires that every parent going through a divorce or paternity case with children take a parenting class.  It must be taken before the Court can grant a divorce.  The class is usually held on evening and weekends, you take it only once, and the cost is no more than $35.00.  You do not have to take it at the same time as the other parent.

Effective for all cases filed after August of 1998, property and debts acquired after the service of the Divorce Petition will no longer be considered community property. Therefore, it is now important to discuss with your attorney when you actually file for the divorce since it may affect your rights.  Also, beginning in 2001, the court may now divide “liquid” assets at the beginning of the case. 

    The Legislature created a type of marriage called a covenant marriage.  If you want to get a divorce and have a covenant marriage, there are additional hurdles that you must overcome to obtain the divorce.  If you were married over two years ago in Arizona, then this new law will not apply to you.

    On January 1, 2001, the child support guidelines were modified to include adjustments for visitation by the non-custodial parent.
You can also ask the Court for an Order to see your spouse’s credit report to see if there are debts unknown to you that have been incurred by your spouse and which you may be responsible for paying.  


NOTE: New Appellate case permits the use of stock options as part of that parent’s income when calculating child support. (6/1/02 updated)

For legal advice about your case, contact an attorney.  Unfortunately, if you represent yourself, by law, the Judge MUST assume you are as familiar with family law and procedure as an attorney.  You do not have a second chance, so make sure you present your best case the first time. Call Gregory A. Riebesehl at Riebesehl Family Law Offices and let him represent you through the court process to a successful outcome at (602) 621-0779.

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