7 Amazing Books That Teach You About Your Money

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If you’re anything like me you love a good book especially one that deals with whatever you have at hand whether you are undergoing some DIY project at home, learning a foreign language, fixing some appliance or gadget, etc. I just happen to love learning especially about living simplistically and frugally including engrossing myself in any book that deals with money matters. In this post, you’ll find 7 amazing books that teach you about your money so that you can have a better relationship with your money.

As we get older grabbing hold of your finances becomes even more pressing than ever before. I think this is because you become more obsessed with preparing for retirement than ever before. As you get older those responsibilities take on new meaning. It’s more pressing than ever before. One minute in life you are just living your life head-on always preparing for the future in the background but mainly living your life day by day, bill by bill, fire by fire, and so on and so forth until one day you wake up and that future is right around the corner.

Don’t get me wrong, we still are living life head-on but all of a sudden college is on the horizon and your kids are now tweens and teens and have a different set of needs which kind of propels you into that deer in headlights future of yours. I’d like to say that we had it all under control and every little and big bill accounted for and divided up just so according to the best-laid plans but I’d be fibbing. We know where it ought to go and how to do it just so as our educations and life experience have taught us but we like most of you out there have had life come along and school us with illness, loss, change, etc. and we’ve had to adjust.

Part of that adjustment finds us re-reading and learning both old ways and new- delving into some of the most popular money books out there. And we wanted to share these awesome books with our readers because they’re classics and not to be missed. We wanted to share them with you because one of the things that bring us joy in life is sharing our journey with others so that it may help them in their travels saving them some of the same mistakes and life lessons along the way.

Honestly, if you get the chance to purchase any of these books or for that matter, all of them (remember, you’re worth the investment- you must spend a little to save and make a lot!!!) do so and read or listen to them every chance you get. The lessons are invaluable and for that matter incredibly rich and enjoyable.

Let me know what you thought about them. Which is your favorite? What did you learn and how are you applying that in your daily life? I can hardly wait to hear all about it!

7 Must-Have Money Books:

1. Total Money Makeover

2. Business Boutique

3. The Magnolia Story

4. Everyday Millionaires

5. Money Master The Game

6. Smart Money Smart Kids

7. More Than Just Making It

Enjoy your reading!

Remember, DREAM BIG… the possibilities are endless!
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