Your Family Easter Party: Ideas for Creating Family Traditions

Easter Basket

Whether you’re busy hopping down the bunny trail in search of Peter Rabbit or searching for eggs, we’ve got some easy ideas for creating memorable family traditions at your Easter party. What traditions come to mind when you think about Easter? Do you think about going to church? Chocolate bunny footprints? Easter baskets? Jelly beans? There are so many ways to celebrate and enjoy this special day. Today we’re sharing some of our family’s favorites.

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Every year our family has a few things we do for the Easter holiday that makes the holiday a memorable one for all those involved. We love to bake cookies, color Easter eggs, have a brunch of Cornish Hens, wild rice, Asparagus, Deviled Eggs, Rolls, BBQ Cocktail Weenies, wake up to Easter Baskets full of all sorts of goodies and little chocolate bunny paw prints scattered over the egg cartons and counters presumably where the Easter Bunny was while he was hiding our colored eggs, etc. Did I mention that the kids all have matching pajamas that I had them put on after their baths the night before?

I often think about this when I’m interacting with our clients. Through divorce, all these traditions have changed for their families. Now they have to learn to restructure their family traditions. There are so many different ideas out there to add to their new holiday tradition.

Along with any of the ones mentioned above, you have so many more like going to church, exchanging letters with the Easter Bunny, putting out carrots and water before bed, leave jelly beans in the toilet (I mean how cute to know that the Easter Bunny pooped in your potty), playing Easter games, doing Easter crafts, making bunny pancakes, make a beautiful Easter centerpiece for your Easter meal (I love the craft ideas on, etc.

Whatever new Easter traditions you are adopting, there is so much magic to be had in the years ahead so just enjoy yourselves and the holiday and you surely can’t go wrong.

What are some of your favorite ideas for family Easter traditions? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.

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